HOTT Productions NFP Dance


Hott Productions Dance Co. is an innovator in dance performances. Performing throughout Illinois and parts of Wisconsin, Our mission is to inspire!


We are passionately commited to providing children and young adults the most comprehensive dance and theatre arts education. We believe that the arts are a vital part of a thriving society and believe in fostering a lifelong love of dance and performing.


HOTT Productions Dance Co, founded by Donica Luzwick, was established on the basis that all children should have the opportunity to express themselves through the arts and showcase their talent. HOTT Productions Dance Co. has built a reputation for moving, inspiring, and thrilling audiences with our diverse choreography which ranges from Classical Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Latin, Afro-Cuban, & even traditional German. We do it all! We pride ourselves on the fundamental idea that with hard work, determination and a commitment to excellence any dream can become a reality! We were born to perform!!!